, June 23, 2005

PRINCETON, N.J., June 23, 2005 – The new SDTVplus™ 3.0 solution from Foxcom allows service providers to deliver Multi-Polarity Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) services including High Definition and local content, plus traditional SMATV services to the booming Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) market over a single-wire, fiber-optic infrastructure. Now available from Foxcom, SDTVplus™ 3.0 is targeted at Private Cable Operators (PCOs), Private Video Network (PVN) integrators and video business units of telephone operating companies.

“Up until now, our customers have hit roadblocks in trying to support the type of new services that their subscribers are demanding”, noted Jack Hotz, CEO of Foxcom. “Many existing MDU infrastructures were constructed with a single fiber or single coax approach. Today’s new revenue generating services such as HDTV can require multiple fiber or coax deployment, an expensive if not prohibitive upgrade. With 3.0, the wiring can be left intact.”

The expansion to 3 GHz includes the entire SDTVplus™ product line notably the 5500 Series SDTVplus™ Fiber Optic Transmitters, the 5601 SDTVplus™ Mini-Hub, and the 5801 Series Mini-Node equipped with a return path laser to support cable modem serv ice. Foxcom’s 800 Series HONU Fiber Optic Receiver is designed for Fiber to the Home/Appartment (FTTH/A) applications as a standalone unit or RF Overlay for PON or Point-to-Point Ethernet Data Services.

In brief, the system makes use of commercially available upconverters or “stackers” that place the content from additional satellite polarities in the newly expanded, previously unused bandwidth. After transmission over fiber via the SDTVplus™ Transmitter, the signal is converted back to RF by the Mini-Hub, Mini-Node or HONU for distribution over coax. At the customer premise, a destacker allows the IRD or set-top box to select the appropriate satellite, polarity and transponder. As with the original patented SDTVplus™ products, SDTVplus™ 3.0 simultaneously supports the full 54-860 MHz CATV band for analog video transmission, QAM and downstream cable modem data affording operators the widest choice of content and service provisions available in a single system.

When equipped with an optional CWDM compatible laser, the SDTVplus™ 3.0 System can be muliplexed with other wavelengths on the same fiber as needed when fiber access is limited, or more importantly, provide an easy, modular expansion path as future satellites and services come online in the form of video, data or yet to be defined protocols.

“ We have taken our core competencies in RF and Fiber Optic expertise and expanded on both axis”, remarked Jim McGowan, Director, PCO Product Line Mamagement. “Operators can now leverage Fiber Optic technology with a system that is current, takes into consideration legacy architectures yet provides a vision for expansion that protects their investment.”

About Foxcom:
Foxcom, A Division of OnePath Networks, Inc., designs, manufactures and markets highperformance broadband fiber-optic transmission systems for the Private Cable Operator, Private Video Network and Satellite Communications markets. Known for breakthrough technology and affordable broadband solutions, Foxcom supports the delivery of multiple communications services over a single infrastructure. With research and development and operations in Jerusalem, Israel, and sales, marketing and technical services in Princeton, N.J., Foxcom is a global company in a converging world.

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