Globes, September 14, 2004
MobileAccess to supply communications infrastructure in Indonesia

The project is estimated at $2 million.

Israel’s economic relations with Indonesia, with which it has no diplomatic relations, are extremely limited. A new contract obtained by Israeli company MobileAccess Networks, however, may change the picture somewhat. The company, which develops and markets systems facilitating the use of wireless and mobile communications within buildings, announced that it would supply systems for communications infrastructure in more than 20 buildings. The project, mostly in Jakarta, is estimated at $2 million.

The contract is significant for MobileAccess, which expects its 2003 revenue of $13 million to grow substantially this year. A local company will install MobileAccess’s systems in office and industrial high-rises, most of which have dozens of storeys. The system makes it possible to provide full wireless coverage with a single infrastructure, which is capable of servicing a number of operators and services simultaneously. The system is compatible with both 2G and 3G technology. The local infrastructure company is now considering extending the project to the use of additional mobile technologies, such as wireless local area network (WLAN).

MobileAccess Networks Israel general manager Yehuda Holtzman said, “The workers and tenants in many large buildings don’t get good reception on their wireless telephones. The system we offer solves this problem with a single communications infrastructure. Our system not only makes it possible to use any wireless communications technology, it also facilitates advanced wireless data communications, such as WiFi.” MobileAccess says it has about 100 customers, including wireless operators like AT&T Wireless (NYSE: AWE), Verizon Communications (NYSE: VZ), Sprint PCS (NYSE: PCS), France Telecom (NYSE: FTI), and Cellcom.

Investors in MobileAccess include HarbourVest Partners, Pitango Venture Capital, Genesis Partners, Momentum Management, Israel Seed Partners, Eurofund, and Poalim Capital Markets.

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