PRNewswire, July 19, 2004
Finjan Software Launches New Product - Vital Security(TM) for SSL

Vital Security(TM) for SSL Provides Certificate Validation, Content Filtering and Encrypted Web Attack Protection

SAN JOSE, California, July 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Finjan Software, the leading provider of proactive secure content management solutions for global companies, today announced the release of a new security product, Vital Security(TM) for SSL - an enterprise solution that protects users and organizations from Web attacks traveling inside encrypted HTTPS/SSL communications. Vital Security(TM) for SSL is the fifth enterprise security product in Finjan's Vital Security(TM) portfolio, which in its entirety offers proactive protection for all potential avenues of application level attacks.

With the majority of business applications, financial services, and personal information now available online, encrypted communications through protocols such as HTTPS and SSL ensures confidentiality. Unfortunately, existing traditional gateway-based anti-virus, firewall and intrusion detection solutions cannot monitor and provide policy-based security for encrypted Web traffic therefore, significantly increasing the risk of an organization falling victim to an encrypted Web attack. Malicious code or viruses embedded inside an encrypted HTTPS/SSL communication would enter directly into a network without ever being detected. Self-signed and revoked certificates from secured transactions also have the potential for malicious intent and Web-based attacks.

Vital Security(TM) for SSL is delivered as a hardened "virtual" appliance based on a customized, hardened version of Linux. It decrypts HTTPS/SSL communications, sends the content to an anti-virus or content filtering engine for scanning via ICAP, re-encrypts the communication and sends it through to the end user ensuring clean content. Allow, block or scan policies for encrypted traffic can be set by administrators to remove the decision making away from end-users. Certificate validation ensures that corporate policies regarding certificates are enforced by checking individual certificate names, date, trusted authority chain and revocation lists. Multiple appliances can be clustered together for load balancing while still managed by one management console. A Web-based management console provides flexibility to IT administrators to manage other features available such as URL filtering, auto-update scheduling and sophisticated rules-based engine for customized policies.

"Hackers are increasingly clever with their attacks and tactics, and we are starting to see attacks based on mobile malicious code embedded in encrypted Web traffic" said Shlomo Touboul, founder and CEO of Finjan Software. "Hackers have already released Web attacks using popular expired or revoked certificates, creating a critical loophole that cannot be closed by other traditional secure content management solutions. Finjan's Vital Security(TM) for SSL closes that loophole and when used with Vital Security(TM) for Web, organizations also close the window of vulnerability by protecting against new, previously unknown attacks concealed in HTTPS/SSL communications, using application level behavior blocking technology."

"Encrypted traffic between Web browsers and Web servers using HTTPS and SSL protocols have become standard for e-commerce," said Brian Burke, program manager for security products at IDC. "IDC believes secure content management vendors such as Finjan Software, will evolve to meet the challenge of enforcing corporate policy and compliance with privacy regulations to HTTPS traffic. Solutions that filter and secure HTTPS traffic provides an extra layer of security and IDC believes the market for these solutions will experience a rapid growth in the next few years."

Key Vital Security(TM) for SSL Product Features:

Certificate validation (expiration, revocation and matching): Vital Security(TM) for SSL ensures that corporate policies regarding certificates are enforced, while removing the decision from user's hands by automatically validating each certificate and making sure that the chain goes back to the trusted authority.
Policies: Customizable certificate policies and SSL/HTTPS traffic policies permit businesses to continue to utilize the benefits of the Internet without risk to corporate computers and networks.
Scanning: Decrypts SSL/HTTPS traffic, passes it to a scanning engine for filtering out unsafe elements, and re-encrypts the traffic before passing it through to its destination.
Interoperability: Provides flexibility through interoperability with third party anti-virus and content filtering engines via ICAP.
Proactive Defense: Proactively protects against new, previously unknown viruses and malicious code attacks hidden in encrypted Web traffic when used in conjunction with Finjan's Vital Security(TM) for Web
Content Inspection: URL filtering and rules based engine provide added content management and security.
Management: Web based management console, virtual appliance, auto update with trusted authority and back-end reporting features provide increased visibility and manageability.

Vital Security(TM) for SSL is currently available directly through Finjan Software or through its worldwide network of channel partners and resellers. For more information, visit the Finjan Web site at or call your Account Manager.

About Vital Security(TM)

Finjan's Vital Security(TM) products address proactive Internet security for gateway servers, desktops and mobile laptops. These products include:

Vital Security(TM) for Web 7.0: Installed at the corporate gateway, Vital Security(TM) for Web leverages its patented proactive behavior blocking engine to close the window of vulnerability left open on the Web and is the only product to also integrate best-of-breed solutions in traditional anti-virus scanning, content filtering and Web filtering onto a single platform.
Vital Security(TM) for E-Mail 7.0: Installed at the corporate gateway, Vital Security(TM) for E-Mail leverages its patented proactive behavior blocking engine to close the window of vulnerability left open in e-mail and is the only solution to also integrate best-of-breed solutions in traditional anti-virus scanning, anti-spam, content filtering, custom disclaimers, and document auditing with digital watermarking onto a single platform.
Vital Security(TM) for Clients: A centrally managed, proactive security solution for enterprise desktops, Vital Security(TM) for Clients closes the window of vulnerability and protects against new virus outbreaks and malicious mobile code attacks received through e-mail or the Web using its unique run-time monitoring "sandboxing" technology.
Vital Security(TM) for Documents: Enables companies to control the access, authorization and distribution of sensitive documents internally and externally. It allows trusted users to view critical business information and intellectual property unimpeded, while preventing those properties from being digitally distributed, electronically copied, or physically replicated.
Vital Security(TM) for SSL: Installed at the corporate gateway, Vital Security(TM) for SSL decrypts encrypted traffic in HTTPS/SSL to allow other security solutions such as Vital Security(TM) for Web, to scan the content for viruses, worms or malicious code.

About Finjan

Finjan Software is the leading provider of proactive secure content management solutions for global companies. Exceeding the preliminary level of defense typically offered by reactive anti-virus software solutions, Finjan's Vital Security(TM) family of products proactively responds to changing, yet-to-be-created Internet security threats, blocks unknown attacks, and closes the Window of Vulnerability. The Vital Security(TM) product suite is the only complete and integrated secure content management solution in which individual best-of-breed security applications work together in concert to proactively respond to changing security threats today and tomorrow. Supplementing traditional security methods, Vital Security(TM) defends enterprises against malicious mobile code using intelligent behavior analysis and comprehensive policy management. Vital Security(TM) is designed with high availability and scalability, for enterprises of all sizes, including those with over 100,000 users. Finjan is recognized by analyst firm IDC as the leader in the worldwide malicious mobile code security market. For more information, visit

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