SAP NetWeaver, March 18, 2004
Digital Fuel and SAP - Managing Your Critical Business & IT Services

The growth of outsourcing along with the transformation of IT and other functions toward formal service delivery are driving a new mandate for enterprise-level Service Governance.
Today's enterprise requires a unified service management solution for both internal and outsourced services - a solution that manages business as well as IT services, providing visibility and control over their performance, cost, and bottom-line business impact.
Digital Fuel and SAP have partnered to deliver an SAP NetWeaverbased solution for managing end-to-end business and IT services.
ServiceFlow for SAP is tailored to meet the needs of SAP customers, integrating with your entire business infrastructure and
managing both SAP and multi-vendor based services.
ServiceFlow for SAP maximizes the value - and minimizes the risks - of your outsourcing services investment and ensures the efficiency, quality, and value of your own service delivery operations.

Why Service Governance?

Service Governance manages end-to-end business processes and their underlying IT infrastructure as a set of services rather than individual components. It measures the performance, quality, and cost of these services, and provides insight to drive their continuous improvement.
Service Governance is critical to ensuring the value of both outsourced and internally delivered IT and business services. Achieving the promised performance and payback of outsourcing is dependent on a proactive governance stance by the enterprise. At the same time, formal service delivery mandates optimizing quality against cost and clearly demonstrating customer value.
Meeting these twin challenges requires a management platform dedicated to Service Governance.

Digital Fuel ServiceFlow

ServiceFlow's performance measurement, cost accounting, business analytics, and powerful reporting provide the visibility and control you need to manage the services that power your business.
With ServiceFlow you can:

  • Monitor outsourced Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance

  • Track, verify, and allocate costs

  • Map infrastructure to business processes and bottom-line impact

  • Manage operations to meet business KPIs and client SLAs

  • Continuously improve service quality and operational costs

  • Reduce risk through proactive planning and analysis

ServiceFlow for SAP

ServiceFlow for SAP combines the flexibility of multi-vendor services management with the power of an integral SAP solution. Built on the SAP NetWeaver platform, ServiceFlow for SAP leverages SAP Web Application Server, SAP Business Warehouse, SAP Exchange Infrastructure, and mySAP Business Suite to comprehensively manage any SAP-based business or IT service. And because
ServiceFlow's management dashboards are built into the SAP Enterprise Portal, customers can manage both SAP and mixed-vendor services from a single, standard platform.

Your Next Step

Whether you're looking to ensure the value of your outsourcing initiatives or optimize internal service delivery operations, ServiceFlow for SAP is designed to meet your needs.To learn more, contact your SAP Account Manager or, or visit

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