Globes, September 15, 2003
MedNautilus negotiating backup of defense establishment computer systems

Mediterranean Nautilus (MedNautilus) launched a new venture yesterday in cooperation with Xpert Integrated Systems to provide remote backup services, at an initial cost of $1.5 million.

Mediterranean Nautilus (MedNautilus), of the Med group, is in preliminary negotiations with the defense establishment for storage and backup of computerized information at the company’s telecommunications facilities, MedNautilus president and CEO Amos Lasker told “Globes” today.

Lasker noted that the negotiations were still in an early stage, and cooperation with defense agencies had not yet been agreed. MedNautilus marketing manager Shlomit Riklin added that negotiating with the defense establishment was hard work, because it did not usually store and back up its information on external facilities, such as those operated by MedNautilus in Petah Tikva and Tirat HaCarmel.

In a press conference yesterday at the MedNautilus underground telecommunications and backup facility in Petah Tikva, the company announced the launch of a joint venture with Xpert Integrated Systems, called ContinYou, for providing remote solutions for database backups. The new company, owned in equal shares by MedNautilus and Xpert, was founding with an initial investment of $1.5 million. The venture is designed to preserve and back up databases in cases of natural disasters, terrorist attacks, power outages (such as the recent case in the US), a network shutdown caused by virus attacks, and other cases that could paralyze an organization.

The ContinYou CEO said that the new service would also enable small companies to benefit from service hitherto available only to large enterprises and organizations. He added that the monthly payment for the service could vary from $100 to $2,000.

ContinYou is also negotiating with Israeli Internet providers, in order to have them offer their business customers the opportunity of subscribing to the backup service.

MedNautilus, which operates a fiber-optic network in the Mediterranean basin, is controlled by Telecom Italia (NYSE: TI); Globescom, owned by Eliezer Fishman; Clalcom; Aurec; and Kama Communications.

Xpert deals in integration, and provides telecommunications infrastructure and information security solutions. Its shareholders include Bezeq (TASE:BZEQ), Ampal - American Israel Corporation (Nasdaq: AMPL), Israel Seed Partners, and CDB.

Eliezer Fishman is the controlling shareholder in “Globes”.

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