November 30, 2004
RaySat Technology Makes Two-Way Internet Communications Via Satellite from High-Speed Trains a Reality

VIENNA, Virginia, November 30 /PRNewswire/ -- RaySat, Inc., a leading supplier of in-motion antennas and communications solutions, will make Internet communications on high-speed moving trains a reality for the first time with the latest new comer to its expanding innovative two-way satellite technology product line.

RaySat introduced its EagleRay antenna technology at Europe's Railway Interiors Expo 2004 taking place in Cologne, Germany Nov.30 -- Dec. 2.

With RaySat's EagleRay 5.5 inch high antenna, train passengers will be able to take advantage of two-way satellite always-on capability, such as sending and receiving e-mail and browsing the Internet over their laptop computers and PDAs while traveling by high-speed trains.

In addition, train operators and system integrators will be able to perform functions that only two-way, high-speed Internet capability allows. They will be able to offer services such as online ticket sales and real time position, status and timetable information. They will be able to conduct business functions, such as monitoring security and point of sale information for food and beverage concessions.

"Our newest breakthrough product makes travel time productive for business passengers on trains and gives train operators more real-time information services and capabilities than ever before," said Dvir Ben-Aroya, director of European business development & sales at RaySat. "We are truly revolutionizing the industry with our long list of leading products and technology."

Currently RaySat's heavy-duty TorpedoRay product line is the only commercially available satellite solution for high-speed Internet and live satellite television on moving trains in Europe.

The sleeker EagleRay, based on RaySat's StingRay platform, a 5.5 inch high antenna, will provide two-way, uninterrupted communication via satellite technology, which is superior to existing cellular capability as a return channel. RaySat's EagleRay will capture a satellite signal and a WLAN inside the cabin will provide internal two-way communication for passengers using a portable computer or PDA.

EagleRay's trials will start in Q1 -- Q2 of 2005 and the product will be commercially available in the third quarter of 2005.

About RaySat

In business since 1997, RaySat(TM), Inc. is a leading supplier of in-motion, low profile, phased-array satellite antennas. With the company's TorpedoRay(TM) product already enabling broadband Internet access on high-speed trains in Europe, RaySat has positioned itself as a leader in the rear-seat automotive entertainment industry with the launch of its consumer antennas in the U.S. and Canada. Staffed by over 120 professionals, RaySat is headquartered in Vienna, VA, with R&D and sales facilities in Europe and representative offices in Japan.

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