March 17, 2004
Finjan Software Expands Into Japan Through Partnership With Ahkun Co., Ltd.
Reseller to Introduce Finjan's Behavior Inspection Technology Into Japanese Corporate IT Departments

TOKYO and SAN JOSE, Calif., March 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Finjan Software, the leading provider of proactive content security and management solutions for global companies, and Ahkun Co., Ltd., a provider of professional information security services, today announced a partnership that will introduce Finjan's content security solutions to Internet users in Japan. Companies in Japan will be able to select from Finjan's entire suite of enterprise security products that include SurfinGate(R) for Web, SurfinGate(R) for E-mail,
SurfinShield(R) Corporate and Finjan Mirage(R).

As part of the agreement, Ahkun will resell Finjan Software to companies in Japan with an initial emphasis in the government, industrial manufacturing and high tech sectors where Ahkun is particularly strong. In addition to providing protection from Web and e-mail born attacks, Finjan's Vital Security suite of products will also assist Japanese companies with compliance with various industry regulations around information security and privacy.

Finjan's family of products, built around the Vital Security platform, integrate multiple security solutions and eliminate the burden of managing multiple solutions on multiple machines. By applying a layered defense strategy for enhanced security, Finjan's Vital Security products integrate best-of-breed technology, including:

-- FINJAN SOFTWARE proactive behavior-based inspection technology for instant protection against new virus outbreaks propagating through e-mail or the Web.
-- MCAFEE(R) signature-based anti-virus for protection against known viruses and attacks.
-- SURFCONTROL(R) Web filtering technology for Web access management and content filtering.
-- MAILSHELL(TM) Spam control for managing worker productivity, bandwidth and inappropriate e-mail content.

Finjan Vital Security Suite

Finjan products close the Window of Vulnerability -- the period of time spanning when a new virus outbreak occurs until an anti-virus update is delivered -- through its patented behavior inspection technology, also known as behavior blocking. Traditional signature anti-virus software leaves corporations exposed and vulnerable for hours and sometimes days, before a security patch is delivered. Instead of relying on reactive database updates, Finjan products provide proactive, real-time protection against new virus outbreaks and malicious code attacks by scanning individual lines of code to analyze for potential malicious behavior.

-- SURFINGATE(R) for WEB 7.0: Installed at the corporate gateway, SurfinGate for Web outperforms all other Web security solutions by closing the window of vulnerability from new virus outbreaks in real-time and providing multiple lines of defense with best-of-breed integrated features. Leveraging its patented proactive behavior inspection engine that does not rely on signature database updates, SurfinGate for Web is the only solution that provides proactive behavior inspection in addition to, traditional anti-virus scanning, content filtering and Web filtering to protect organizations againstnew and existing Internet threats.

-- SURFINGATE(R) for E-MAIL 7.0: Installed at the corporate gateway, SurfinGate for E-mail is the only e-mail solution that does not rely on signature database updates to protect organizations against new virus outbreaks. Its patented proactive behavior inspection engine closes the window of vulnerability in real-time and best-of-breed integrated features provide multiple lines of defense. Additional integrated features include anti-spam, traditional anti-virus scanning, content filtering, custom disclaimers, and document auditing with digital watermarking which allows organizations to log and track the movement of sensitive documents passing through the corporate network.

-- SURFINSHIELD(R) CORPORATE: A proactive, centrally managed security solution for enterprise desktops and mobile laptops, SurfinShield Corporate protects individual user's systems from new virus outbreaks and malicious mobile code received through e-mail and the Web. By monitoring the potential behavior of active content using its "sandboxing" technique, SurfinShield Corporate enforces an organization's customized security policies before damage can be done.

-- FINJAN MIRAGE(R): Finjan Mirage enables companies to control the access, authorization and distribution of sensitive documents internally and externally. It allows trusted users to view critical business information and intellectual property unimpeded, while preventing unauthorized users from viewing, digitally distributing and physically copying them. Mirage protects information in native HTML, TXT and PDF formats.

"Traditional reactive solutions which rely on signature database updates are not effective enough to protect against recent new attacks, resulting in failure to prevent viruses from propagating on an even larger scale, because new attacks are getting complex as well as increasing in frequency. Vital Security protects the Internet environment exposed to such unknown threats proactively and in real time, offering customers the option to integrate such programs that fit their environment. We feel very proud and honored to have the opportunity to introduce the world famous Vital Security family of security solutions to Japanese customers," says Mr. Akira Watanabe, President,

Ahkun Company Ltd.

"Japan is one of the most 'plugged-in' nations in the world when it comes to Internet access and computer use," said Shlomo Touboul, founder and CEO of Finjan Software. "Internet attacks can proliferate from any part of the world and have significant impact globally in a matter of seconds. Finjan's suite of proactive behavior inspection products will support Japanese IT efforts in protecting their computer networks during the initial hours of a new Internet attack before a signature update is available from an anti-virus vendor. We
are excited to introduce our products to this new market through a reputable company such as Ahkun and look forward to building new relationships with Japanese companies and company representatives along the way."

About Ahkun

Ahkun was established early in Year 2001 and has positioned itself in the information technology market as a unique professional security service provider in Japan and its offering includes a set of high-quality and most advanced solutions for security of an individual's PC as well as an organization's computer network. For more information, visit

About Finjan

Finjan Software's Vital Security(TM) is the only complete and integrated secure content management solution in which individual best-of-breed security applications work together in concert to proactively respond to changing security threats today and tomorrow. Supplementing traditional security methods, Vital Security defends enterprises against malicious mobile code using intelligent behavior analysis and comprehensive policy management. Vital Security is designed with high availability and scalability, for enterprises of all sizes, including those with over 100,000 users. Finjan is recognized by analyst firm IDC as the leader in the worldwide malicious mobile code security market. For more information, visit

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