January 29, 2004
Finjan Software's Proactive Behavior Inspection Technology Immune To MyDoom.b's Overwriting of HOSTS File
Customers of Finjan Software Were Immediately Protected From the MyDoom Worm Without the Use of Signature Updates or Patches

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Finjan Software, the leading provider of proactive content security and management solutions, announces that owners of Finjan products were relieved of patch management and signature updates during the recent MyDoom.a and MyDoom.b worm attacks. Furthermore, MyDoom.b's overwriting of the HOSTS file on infected computers, which prevents the victim from accessing signature file updates from anti-virus vendors via the Internet, does not affect Finjan software owners due to the use of Finjan's underlying proactive behavior inspection technology.

"MyDoom.a and MyDoom.b worms are just a hint of the growing sophistication of blended threat attacks, which I believe, in addition to other industry professionals, will be the trend moving forward," said Shlomo Touboul, founder and CEO of Finjan Software. "Sophisticated Internet attacks require equally sophisticated Internet protections. Behavior inspection technology is the only technology in the marketplace today that will provide protection against new Internet attacks instantly, without relying on reactive database updates that leave you vulnerable while you wait in line to download the latest patch from an anti-virus Web site."

MyDoom is a mass-mailing worm that spreads through e-mail and the peer-to-peer program, Kazaa. It contains malicious code inside an attached file that carries a payload which allows the worm to propagate itself by stealing address books, opens ports to allow remote access by unauthorized individuals, allows for the installation of key logging software and contains instruction for a denial of service attack to be launched. A variant of the original MyDoom worm, MyDoom.b, contains a damaging payload which overwrites the HOSTS file on an infected computer and deliberately prevents the computer user from retrieving updates from anti-virus vendors for protection against, and removal of the worm.

About Finjan
Finjan Software is the leading provider of proactive content security solutions to global organizations. Exceeding the preliminary level of defense typically offered by reactive anti-virus software solutions, Finjan's Vital Security products proactively respond to changing, yet-to-be-created Internet security threats and closes the Window of Vulnerability. Finjan is recognized by analyst firm IDC as the leader in the worldwide malicious mobile code security market. For more information, visit http://www.finjan.com.

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