October 10, 2001
The Israeli Telco's, Bezeq, invested $ 9.5M in Xpert Integrated System Ltd
As part of the Strategic investment, Xpert will implement a solution enabling Bezeq's customers to order services and pay bills safely through the Internet.

Herzlia, Israel. - Xpert

the leading Architecture design and implementation house for IP-based solutions, announced today that Bezeq, the Israeli Telco has invested $9.5M in Xpert - a strategic investment.
This strategic investment enables Xpert to continue to develop leadership in IT Security, Data Protection and IT Network Infrastructure.
Xpert applied successfully numerous of solutions in different Telco's in Europe and in Israel. These solutions and others will now be available for Beseq and it's customers. Xpert will provide bezeq with IT architecture, which includes data protection, smart identification, single sign on, pki and encryption. This integration of technologies will enable high level of internal and external security, which will enable suppliers and clients to operate safely within the system
"If we compare the power of information security in an organization to a chain, the strength of a chain is the strength of its weakest link, and the resemble is" explain Amnon Bar lev - CEO of Xpert "one can't form a secured information system based on an on shelf products only. Only a genuine integration of all different parts of the system will generate a genuine powerful and secure organizational environment".
Xpert is pleased with the deal, in era of change from on shelf products to complete solutions Xpert's edge becomes viable; providing genuine and complete solutions with the use of existing products, innovated developments and integration into proper architecture tailored for each client needs.
Xpert creates via applicable architecture Disaster Recovery Systems that will enable restoration of all information anywhere in the world in cases of attacks on the company's site by acts of terror, a computer bug, or any other failure of the information system.

In accordance with the agreement signed by Xpert and Bezeq, Xpert will provide Bezeq with professional services, knowledge and experience in the same mode it provided other Telco's as well as large financial institutions around the world.

About Xpert:

Xpert Integrated Systems is a leading architecture, design and implementation house for IP-based solutions.

Xpert provides high-end consulting services, design and implementation, and 24x7 maintenance & support services of IP solutions aimed at enterprises, financial institutions and service providers such as telecoms, ISPs, Data Centers and large scale ASPs.

Xpert's solutions and services are grounded in a thorough understanding of the IP world's needs. Xpert takes an interdisciplinary approach that brings together four basic areas: Infrastructure, OSS, Security, and Service platforms. This interdisciplinary approach, experience and proven know-how enables Xpert to supply its' clients with end-to-end, cost- effective solution.

Our proven experience in system design, system application, development and network deployment has been successfully applied in large-scale projects throughout the world. We believe that real understanding -not only the theory of IP, but the actual deployment of IP networks - comes only from having been on the front lines; and we have.
Xpert designs the technology infrastructure leveraging its strategic alliances with industry's leading technology companies.

Founded in 1993, Xpert is a privately held company; headquarter in Herzliya, Israel, with a Southern European subsidiary located in Barcelona and Madrid. Xpert currently employs nearly 200 highly qualified professionals.

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