January 7, 2004
University of Montana Department of Physics and Astronomy Selects Finjan Software as Internet Security Provider
Finjan’s SurfinShield Corporate to Provide Proactive Desktop Protection Against New
Internet and Malicious Mobile Code Attacks

SAN JOSE, Calif. - January 7, 2004 - Finjan Software, the leading provider of
proactive content security and management solutions, today announced that the
Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Montana has licensed Finjan's
SurfinShield Corporate as the preferred desktop solution for department-wide Internet
security. SurfinShield Corporate will provide protection to all desktops including those
used for advanced laboratory testing, research, administration, and classroom support.

The University of Montana selected Finjan's SurfinShield Corporate for its ability to
protect against unknown Internet threats better than traditional anti-virus solutions.
Department officials also cited SurfinShield's sophisticated analysis, which permits the
transit of proprietary department software often blocked by other security solutions.

"I was tired of continually worrying about updates and fighting with Norton's inability to
recognize certain programs and allow them to run unobstructed," said Jennifer Fowler,
laboratory specialist, Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of
Montana. "We first used Finjan's free trial desktop product on all of our Microsoft
Windows machines and had no problems with viruses, worms, or over blocking scientific
software. While last summer's Blaster worm and SoBig.F virus affected others at the
University, our department was able to continue with business as usual. I attribute our
department's desktop security success at avoiding these attacks to Finjan Software.
That's why we decided to purchase SurfinShield Corporate."

A proactive, centrally managed security solution for enterprise desktops, SurfinShield
Corporate instantly protects desktop users from new virus outbreaks and mobile
malicious code attacks received through e-mail and the Web. By monitoring the behavior
of active content using its "sand boxing" technique, SurfinShield Corporate defends
against malicious activities before damage can be done and enforces an organization's
customized security policies.

"We are entering into a new era of content security," said Shlomo Touboul, founder and
CEO of Finjan Software. "Today organizations must deploy new technologies such as
Finjan's sand boxing technique, as additions to traditional anti-virus and Windows
patches. This technology detects and stops new viruses and worms during the time when
they are still unknown to anti-virus products. The University of Montana's Department
of Physics and Astronomy and thousands of other organizations have taken the proactive
approach and deployed Finjan solutions to defend against the next Internet threat and
unknown computer virus."

About University of Montana
The University of Montana was founded in 1893 in the burgeoning pioneer town of
Missoula, less than 90 years after Lewis and Clark and their Corps of Discovery explored
the area. Since then, the University has nurtured a tradition of cultural and scientific
exploration. Today, "The Discovery Continues" at UM - from a local, regional and
global perspective into the next frontier of space. For more information, visit

About Finjan
Finjan Software is the leading provider of proactive content security solutions to global
organizations. Exceeding the preliminary level of defense typically offered by reactive
anti-virus software solutions, Finjan's Vital Security products proactively respond to
changing, yet-to-be-created Internet security threats and closes the Window of
Vulnerability. Finjan is recognized by analyst firm IDC as the leader in the worldwide
malicious mobile code security market. For more information, visit

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