January 5, 2004
Softier Introduces Linux for Texas Instruments' DM64x DSPs in the CELF Showcase During CES (Las Vegas Jan 8-10, 2004)

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Jan. 5 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Softier Inc. a Consumer Electronic Linux Forum (CELF) Member will introduce a Linux Operating System (MediaLinux(TM)) that runs on TI's DM64X Media DSPs, in the CELF showcase during CES (in Las Vegas Jan 8-10, 2004). The 'Linux for DSPs' is aimed at high volume consumer multimedia products such as Set Top Boxes, Digital Video Recorders, Video Cameras, etc.

Softier's demonstration at the CELF showcase and in booth #23302D at CES, will feature a real-time Linux operating system running concurrently with audio-video (A/V) streaming over IP network, A/V decoding and playback. The demonstration takes advantage of MediaLinux' rich set of file systems, utilities, communication stacks and its ability to run TI DSP-compliant algorithms.

"MediaLinux and the TI media DSPs allow system designers to rapidly develop networked multimedia products utilizing open-source Linux software. We are committed to working within the CELF to establish our technology as one of the pillars for future, networked multimedia consumer devices," said Eatamar Drory, the CTO of Softier.

"CELF goals are to enhance the Linux operating system for optimized use in networked consumer devices. Through these efforts, CELF will enhance opportunities for software reuse within the CE industry by leveraging the obvious benefits of the open-source community. We are encouraged to see Softier's Linux solution running on a single DSP, performing the audio, video and communication processing, and we look forward to Softier sharing their experience through their contributions to the CELF activity," said Scott Smyers, Sony Electronics Inc. Vice president and CE Linux Forum Steering Committee Chairman

Softier's Linux DSP Development Kit (LDDK)

The LDDK provides the operating system and software development tools required for developing media rich consumer products. The sophisticated development and debugging tools allow the creation of application software and porting of existing code to the Linux-DSP environment. The Linux DSP Development Kit (LDDK) will be available in Q1 2004.

About Softier Inc.

Softier Inc. (www.softier.com) develops and produces Linux Operating System and development tools for TI media DSPs. Softier's solutions offer compatibility with existing media processing algorithms as well as the ability to utilize the rich open-source Linux software.

About CELF

The Consumer Electronics Linux Forum (www.celinuxforum.org) was established in June, 2003 as an industry group, focused on the advancement of Linux as an open-source platform for consumer electronics products.

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