December 2, 2003
Lynx PLC-Based Photonic Switch Surpasses Industry Standards in Enhanced Durability Testing
8 Paths Concurrently Switch More Than 2 Billion Times with No Performance Degradation - 1,000x Telcordia Requirements

An 8x8 photonic switch from Lynx Photonic Networks ( has passed one of the most stringent tests in the optical communications industry to validate its endurance after repeated switching operations. Deploying Lynx's patented planar lightwave circuit (PLC) switching and light management technology, the device under test (a Photon.8x8 PCSS(TM)) was subjected to two billion switching operations on eight paths, 1,000 times more switching operations than the two million required by the Telcordia standard GR-1073-CORE.

In the fully documented test, each switching operation in all eight paths was monitored and verified by a dedicated photodiode three milliseconds after switching occurred, in order to verify the switching operation. After every two million switching operations, optical measurements of insertion loss (IL) and extinction ratio (ER) were recorded. Throughout the two billion cycles, there was no recorded change in IL and ER measurements outside of the statistical measurement margin of error variances specified by the manufacturers of the test instruments.

The test results confirm that Lynx's PLC silica-on-silicon technology - materials, processes and designs - is highly durable and withstands an extreme number of switching operations without any physical damage or performance degradation.

"From a reliability standpoint, a switching cycle of two billion operations is three orders of magnitude beyond that required for Telcordia conformance," said Michael Leigh, Lynx president and co-founder. "And it is far superior to the performance of opto-mechanical switches, or other switches that contain moving parts. Only Lynx's PLC switches have proven their extreme performance capability for carrier-class in-service operation."

The ultra-reliable Photon.8x8 PCSS (Photonic Communications Switching Subsystem) has no moving parts and is the heart of several models in Lynx's new plug-and-play LightLEADER(TM) 3000 Series switch systems, including the LightLEADER 3424, which is designed for in-service applications such as ROADM (reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexer) or OXC (optical cross-connect). Other LightLEADER models based on Lynx's PLC switches are aimed at various protection switch applications, optical test access and monitoring.

"Carriers and their optical transport infrastructure vendors need to understand that not all transparent optical switches are created equal and that there are significant and often costly differences in implementation technology, scalability, reliability and robustness," said Frank Dzubeck, president of Communications Network Architects Inc., a Washington-based consulting firm. "In this new millennium, with ever increasing customer bandwidth demands, when it comes to reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexers and protection switch applications, carriers cannot afford to make a mistake in their choice of technology or vendor."

A report that includes a complete description of the test results is available under non-disclosure to Lynx's customers.

About Lynx Photonic Networks
Lynx is a leading photonic communications subsystems company with its own patented switching and light management technology. The company is headquartered in Southern California, and its supply chain is dual-sourced in Europe and the U.S. through leading multi-billion-dollar, world-class manufacturing partners. Customer support is provided worldwide. Investors and strategic partners include ADC Telecommunications, Goldman Sachs, HarbourVest Partners, Infineon Ventures, Morgan Stanley, Telesoft, and Walden Ventures. Lynx is well financed for the long-term and positioned for market leadership in the emerging photonic switching market.

The company's corporate U.S. headquarters is at 26775 Malibu Hills Road, Calabasas Hills, CA, 91301. For more information, phone 818-878-7500 or visit

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