November 5, 2003
TradeAm International Licenses Finjan's Mirage Solution for Information, Document and Image Protection
- Extranet for Wholesale Partners and Distributors Protected from Unauthorized
Distribution of Content by Authorized Users -

SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Finjan Software, the leading provider of proactive content security and management solutions, today announced that TradeAm International, an established manufacturer and supplier of home furnishing products to the nation's retail industry, has licensed its Mirage digital rights management solution for the protection of information, design, and dynamic Web content. TradeAm will leverage NetServ Applications, an e-business solutions provider, to integrate Finjan's Mirage solution into their Web based requisition tracking system.

Finjan's Mirage solution will help provide protection against the unauthorized distribution by authorized users of design documents, images and construction information during the lifecycle of samples and product development designs. Mirage secures, tracks and audits the provisioning and accessing of sensitive digital information to protect important business operations and reduce legal liabilities. It prevents unauthorized copying, printing, saving, forwarding and screen capturing of sensitive information without interrupting normal business processes. Mirage allows system administrators to set policies for trusted users inside an organization and
have greater document version assurance.

"Our clients required a globally accessible system that would help their product design group share as well as communicate new ideas and designs with
geographically remote production units on the one hand, while providing a constantly mobile sales force with the capability to record customer requests and track ongoing projects, on the other hand," said Vish Goda, director of projects at NetServ Applications.

"Protection of intellectual property was obviously a critical requirement that TradeAm placed on the system, and after a long and painful search, we found a perfect match in Finjan's Mirage product that not only offered complete protection, but did so without changing the existing technology framework."

"So much information is being transferred back and forth on the Internet within companies and with third party consultants, partners and customers these days that could potentially be manipulated and compromised along the way,"commented Shlomo Touboul, founder and CEO of Finjan Software. "NetServ and TradeAm are proactively addressing this issue by using the Mirage product to transparently protect sensitive information before any damage can be done. The cost savings of addressing this security issue proactively is tremendous when compared to the staggering costs associated with damages and lost revenue opportunities resulting from the theft of intellectual properties."

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