June 23, 2003
ArrayComm Chooses Finjan's Vital Security Solution For Port 80 Protection
-- Finjan's SurfinGate for Web Product to Provide Proactive Behavior Inspection to Corporate Users --

Finjan Software, the leading provider of proactive security solutions for global companies, today announced that ArrayComm, Inc. has licensed its SurfinGate for Web solution for its corporate users. ArrayComm has created the i-BURST(tm) Personal Broadband System, which provides affordable, high-speed Internet access while on the move.

As part of the agreement, ArrayComm is leveraging Finjan's patented proactive behavior inspection engine for Port 80 protection offered through the SurfinGate for Web solution. Using real-time scanning rather than time-consuming database updates, SurfinGate for Web protects organizations from active content that can be brought into a corporate network through casual, everyday Internet use by computer users surfing the Web. SurfinGate for Web also empowers security administrators with granular policy settings for Java, Java Script, Visual Basic Script and Active X controls.

"Malicious mobile code, also known as active content, can enter into a corporate network through normal Internet use without the user ever knowing," said Shlomo Touboul, founder and CEO of Finjan Software. "The use of our proactive behavior inspection engine available in the SurfinGate for Web product, protects organizations from existing and yet-to-be created malicious code in real-time, which few other vendors can do."

"As websites become increasingly interactive, computer users surfing the Internet are inevitably exposed to active content," said Sead Mujushi, senior Unix administrator at ArrayComm. "To adequately address this growing Web trend, we needed a solution that could address all types of active content such as Java, Java Script, VB Script and Active X. We found the right solution in Finjan's SurfinGate for Web."

With products and services that exceed the rudimentary level of defense typically offered by reactive anti-virus software solutions, Finjan's Vital Security Solution protects mission critical information and systems from the most malicious Internet attacks that occur at the desktop and gateway levels. The most robust platform of its kind, Finjan's Vital Security Solution provides a best-of-breed, integrated content security offering that proactively responds to changing, yet-to-be-created Internet security threats. Armed with Vital Security, more than 2,400 corporations and over 2 million end-users can close their Window of Vulnerability(tm) for potential attacks by almost 100% by continually monitoring, analyzing and reporting active content entering the network.

About ArrayComm
ArrayComm, Inc. is the world leader in smart antenna technology, a key ingredient of ArrayComm's innovative i-BURST(tm) Personal Broadband System - the only wireless Internet access system that offers the freedom of mobility with the high speed of DSL at consumer pricing. ArrayComm's patented IntelliCell(tm) technology - based on fully adaptive smart antennas - has been licensed to several manufacturers and can improve the cost, coverage and capacity of any personal communications system. It is installed in more than 150,000 IntelliCell-equipped base stations worldwide, serving more than 10 million people. ArrayComm was founded in 1992, and wireless industry pioneer Martin Cooper is chairman and CEO. The company has more than 250 patents issued or pending worldwide. For more information, please visit www.arraycomm.com.

About Finjan
Finjan Software is the leading provider of proactive content security solutions to global organizations. Exceeding the preliminary level of defense typically offered by reactive anti-virus software solutions, Finjan's Vital Security family of products proactively responds to changing, yet-to-be-created Internet security threats and closes the Window of Vulnerability. Finjan is recognized by analyst firm IDC as the leader in the worldwide malicious mobile code security market. For more information, visit http://www.finjan.com.

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