June 11, 2003
Finjan Adds NTLM And Active Directory Support To SurfinGate For Web
Product Enhancement Provides Improved User Identification and Group-Based Security Policies for Windows Operating Systems

San Jose, CA, June 11, 2003 -- Finjan Software, provider of the Vital Security platform for integrated content security solutions, today announced that it has added support for Microsoft® NTLM and Active Directory to its SurfinGate® for Web solution. SurfinGate for Web is a proactive content security and management solution that provides real-time protection against new virus outbreaks and malicious active content without relying on reactive signature updates.

Windows® NT Challenge/Response (NTLM) is the authentication protocol used on networks running the Windows operating systems such as NT, 2000 and XP. This protocol typically utilizes the credentials stored in the Windows 2000 Active Directory. SurfinGate for Web implements the server side of the NTLM challenge/response protocol to authenticate the user and apply the relevant content security policies.

Active Directory allows administrators to manage user rights and access permissions for distributed network resources, such as workstations, printers and shared data. In an Active Directory environment, rights are generally assigned to users by way of group memberships. Groups facilitate management by allowing administrators to build security policies that apply to a large number of users.

As a result of this enhancement, SurfinGate for Web will leverage an organization's existing Active Directory infrastructure and give system administrators the ability to define group-based security policies. Working with Active Directory via LDAP, SurfinGate for Web will determine an identified user's group affiliation and apply the appropriate security policy. It will also simplify the task of creating and managing security policies while NTLM support will allow for the transparent identification of users.

"SurfinGate for Web has been able to stop all recent worms and viruses prior to any antivirus signature updates," said Shlomo Touboul, CEO and founder of Finjan Software. "With the added support for NTLM authentication protocol and Active Directory, organizations will be able to more fully leverage their network infrastructure without being bogged down by complex and time consuming management policies - further extending their existing infrastructure and effectively guarding against more advanced, multidimensional attacks."

With products and services that exceed the rudimentary level of defense typically offered by reactive anti-virus software solutions, Finjan's Vital Security solutions protect mission critical information and systems from the most malicious Internet attacks that occur at the desktop and gateway levels. The most robust platform of its kind, Finjan's Vital Security provides a best-of-breed, integrated content security offering that proactively responds to changing, yet-to-be-created Internet security threats. Armed with Vital Security, more than 1,400 corporations and 1.8 million end-users can close their Window of Vulnerability(tm) for potential attacks by almost 100% by continually monitoring, analyzing and reporting active content entering the network.

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