June 9, 2003
MobileAccess Networks Introduces New Product Family
MobileAccess products UnWire large buildings and campuses with ubiquitous coverage for Wireless LAN and cellular voice on single broadband network

Vienna, Virginia - June 09, 2003 - MobileAccess Networks, formerly Foxcom Wireless, today introduced its new MobileAccess Product Family, which guarantees business-quality performance and reliability for all current and future wireless services within a building or campus. With MobileAccess solutions ensuring reliable and ubiquitous wireless coverage, educational, airport, hospital, manufacturing and government facilities cost-effectively converge wireless data and voice traffic on a single broadband infrastructure.

The MobileAccess Product family allows, for the first time, a totally unwired workplace with support of all wireless applications that are available today - WLAN, voice, paging, public safety, etc. - as well as those emerging tomorrow. While traditional solutions use parallel networks for different services, the MobileAccess Product Family leverages a common set of chassis, cables, and antennas for all current and future wireless services. By consolidating hardware and installation costs, enterprises enable access to Wireless LAN and voice services simultaneously over a single infrastructure, which is significantly less expensive than deploying multiple wireless networks.

A MobileAccess converged wireless indoor network was recently installed at International Square, a CarrAmerica Realty Corporation property in Washington, DC. The system provides ubiquitous coverage for voice services plus WLAN. Areas covered include a food court, retail space, and two parking garage levels.

"We needed a solution that delivered high levels of performance and reliability to support current and future wireless services being accessed in our building. The MobileAccess Networks system enables us to leverage cost-effective, scalable wireless technologies without sacrificing on business-quality communications," said Barry Krell, Vice President of Telecommunications with CarrAmerica. "The MobileAccess solution enables mobile users in covered areas of our building to benefit from anytime/anywhere availability."

In addition to the convergence of multiple services on a single broadband network, the MobileAccess Wireless LAN capability provides great flexibility in the number of access points required because the coverage area of each access point can be increased by up to 400%. With the MobileAccess Networks solution, all active components of a Wireless LAN network are installed and maintained in a secure telecom closet. As only passive components are installed on walls or ceilings throughout a building or campus, there is no disruption to users when access points are changed or upgraded.

"We've made it easy and affordable for any business with a large building or campus to have seamless wireless access to all of their voice and data services beyond the limits of the desk," states Asaf Mohr, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MobileAccess Networks. "The release of the MobileAccess Product Family is in response to end user demand for a converged solution that provides full coverage for both WLAN and cellular voice services - enabling a totally unwired workplace."

"MobileAccess Networks has honed in on a clear market need for supporting multiple wireless technologies in the enterprise environment," said Richard Webb, Market Analyst, Wireless LANs with Infonetics Research. "Enterprises are seeking to unlock the potential of the unwired workplace, and enable employees to experience the same seamless access to resources they enjoy in a wired office, beyond the limits of the desk. The MobileAccess products can help enterprises to make the wireless workplace concept a practical, workable option."

About MobileAccess Networks
MobileAccess Networks, with hundreds of networks installed worldwide, is a leading designer and manufacturer of converged wireless indoor networks for corporate enterprises and wireless service providers. The MobileAccess Product Family leverages patented techniques for the transmission of Radio Frequency (RF) signals over optical fibers. MobileAccess products guarantee business-quality performance and reliability for wireless voice and data traffic throughout large buildings and campuses. MobileAccess Networks, founded in 1998 as Foxcom Wireless, offers cost-effective, scalable solutions that deliver superior wireless coverage for all current and emerging data and voice applications. For more information, visit the Web site at www.mobileaccess.com.

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