March 23, 2003
Xpert Successfully Completes a Business Continuity and Security Project for the Israeli Air Force

Xpert, developers and providers of business continuity and data security solutions and services, successfully completed a project to secure the communication components in the Israeli Air Force's land control and monitoring system. Xpert served as a contractor for Telrad for the entire 18 months that the project took place.

The project - a data security solution for "Avnet Kahol" included the highest level of data security and business continuity solutions that were specifically designed to meet the Israeli Air Force's particular needs. Xpert was responsible for planning, designing and implementing an advanced centralized user management and authorization system, and incorporating it into the Air Force's control and management system. The technologies used in the solution included Firewalls, SSSO, smart cards and more. Xpert will also be supplying the Air Force with 24X7X4 support services for an additional year.

Xpert won the lucrative Israeli Air Force project due to it being Israel's leading provider of complex security solutions, because of it having the necessary capabilities, experience and know-how in business continuity solutions and as a result of Xpert's employees having the high security clearance necessary to work on such a project.

This project is a follow-up project to Avnet Kahol I, where Xpert provided the Air Force with outsourcing and integration of advanced anti-virus systems.

Amnon Bar Lev, President and CEO of Xpert: "This security project, which is one of the most advanced, complex and secure projects in the world, will supply the Air Force with the highest level of security and availability. Our extensive experience and know-how in the field of data security enabled us to implement the solution while meeting the stringent deadlines and challenges that such a military project requires."

Xpert is has over 10 years experience as a leading international developer and provider of business continuity, security and infrastructure solutions. Xpert has over 400 customers from leading financial, telecommunication, industry, technology and governmental organizations.

Xpert, whose headquarters are in Israel, has additional offices in Madrid and Barcelona.

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