January 16, 2003
Connexion by Boeing Selects XACCT Software for High-Speed, In-Flight Internet Service to Passengers Network-to-Business (N2B (tm)) Platform to be Deployed for Usage-based Billing of Airborne Data Services

SANTA CLARA, Calif., January 16, 2003-XACCT Technologies Inc., a leading
provider of network data management solutions for global communications
service providers, today announced that Connexion by Boeing SM, a business unit of the world's leading aerospace company, has adopted the XACCT Network-to-Business (N2B) platform for its mobile information service.

With a 20Mbps forward link and up to 1 Mbps return link, Connexion by Boeing is the first true airborne broadband service for commercial aircraft. In addition to the multitude of personalized communications services for airline passengers, Connexion by Boeing's unique broadband capability provides airlines with a choice for an e-enablement framework for commercial aircraft, transforming them into a value-added node on an airline's global information network, allowing in-flight crews to talk to the airline operation center and move data simultaneously over multiple channels when they want, wherever they want, further enhancing operational efficiencies on the ground and in the cabin.

The XACCT N2B platform allows Connexion by Boeing to create, deliver and bill for its broadband, high-speed data and connectivity services, including e-mail, Internet and firewall-protected intranet access and audio/video streaming applications. Using the XACCT technology, airlines will be able to implement multiple pricing and billing options for their services based on duration, events, volume and quality of service.
"A key service requirement for airlines is a scalable and flexible solution that can quickly be configured to accommodate the varying billing requirements around the world such as pricing by flight segment to more complex plans such as event and transaction-based pricing," said Ed Laase, director of System Development for Connexion by Boeing. "We believe this technology platform contributes to our ability to effectively address that need."

The XACCT software will be installed as part of Connexion by Boeing's onboard equipment to enable real-time in-flight communications and will interface with the onboard application or portal server and capture relevant data, including service usage and content for billing purposes. In addition, the XACCT software also will monitor key service parameters such as latency, jitter and packet loss to help ensure and maintain the quality of service necessary for streaming media applications.

"Connexion by Boeing is taking broadband data communications to new heights" said Eric Gries, president and CEO of XACCT Technologies. "In-flight communications will greatly enhance business travelers' productivity as well as present new revenue opportunities for the airlines. We are excited to be a part of this pioneering effort. As a frequent business traveler, I'm personally looking forward to this service."

XACCT's Network-to-Business (N2B) Platform XACCT N2B Platform provides a real-time link between the physical network infrastructure and the back-office Business/Operations Support Systems (BSS/OSS). Its multi-source, multi-layer architecture, and business policy-based record synthesis capabilities enable carriers to extract comprehensive usage information from a multitude of network devices from all layers of the network - from physical layer to the application layer, in real-time and synthesize it to produce meaningful billing records, analogous to the Call Detail Records (CDRs) generated by the telephone switches. This information is used by a variety of back-office applications, such as billing, CRM and traffic engineering applications.

About Connexion by Boeing
Connexion by Boeing is a mobile information services provider bringing the fastest available broadband data service to commercial and executive aircraft during flight. The service is currently available to the executive services market in the U.S., which includes operators of private and government aircraft.

Connexion by Boeing also begins a three-month service demonstration with Lufthansa this month followed by a similar service trial with British Airways in February 2003. In addition, Japan Airlines was recently announced as Connexion by Boeing's initial customer in Asia with an agreement to install the system on 10 of its long-range aircraft and Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) also announced its intent to equip its long-haul fleet with the service.

For additional information, visit the Connexion by Boeing web site at www.connexionbyboeing.com

About XACCT Technologies
XACCT Technologies provides the leading network data management platform for global communications service providers such as network backbone providers, mobile operators, cable operators and managed services providers. XACCT's carrier-class Network-to-Business (N2BŪ) Platform enables carriers to monetize their network traffic by harnessing network information to create new value-based services and lower operational costs.

XACCT offers the industry's first and only platform that enables real-time data capture and enhancement; seamless integration with any business or operations application; and automated flow-through service provisioning. XACCT has received numerous awards including UPSIDE magazine's 'HOT100', 'Product of the Year' by Internet Telephony and 'Top 50 private companies most likely to change the world' by Red Herring magazine.

XACCT investors include Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ:SUNW), Dell Computer (NASDAQ:DELL), Deutsche Bank, Technology Crossover Ventures, Trident Capital, Ampal (NASDAQ:AMPL), Eucalyptus Ventures and Israel Seed Partners. With offices
around the globe, XACCT has more than 70 customers, including Bell Canada (NYSE:BCE), Boeing (NYSE:BA), Broadwing (NYSE:BRW), Cable & Wireless (NYSE:CWP), COLT (NASDAQ:COLT), Equant (NYSE:ENT), Genuity (NASDAQ:GENU), Motorola (NYSE:MOT), Omnitel Vodafone, Sprint (NYSE:FON/PCS), SingTel Optus, Teleglobe, TELUS (NYSE:TU), TV Cabo and Verio (NYSE:NTT). The XACCT N2B Platform links the network to the business.
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