January 16, 2003
Digital Fuel Technologies Announces Support of SAP® NetWeaver(tm) with the Development of a New xApp(tm) - Service Performance Management(tm) xApp(tm).
Company Enables Organizations to Gain Further Control of Services Environment, While Reducing Cost, and Improving Service Quality.

SAN Mateo, CA., January 16, 2003
Digital Fuel Technologies Inc., a leading provider of Service Relationship Management software, today announced support of SAP® NetWeaver(tm) through an agreement with SAP AG to develop a new, advanced xApp(tm) Service Performance Management (xSPM) capability. Moreover, Digital Fuel will leverage SAP's marketing resources, industries expertise, and large customer base to develop and sell the new xApp, delivering a cross-functional solution that manages and optimizes an organizations' entire services and outsourcing lifecycle - from planning and sourcing to managing the relationship with their service providers.

"Our cooperation with SAP will result in an xSPM which enables customers to centralize service provider management, improve the efficiency of service delivery, and control the cost of 3rd party and internally provided services," said Benny Lehmann, CEO of Digital Fuel Technologies, Inc. "By working with SAP's NetWeaver, Digital Fuel is able to leverage SAP's broad technological platform and market expertise in the area of open integration and collaboration," continued Lehmann.

The new Digital Fuel xSPM creates new, enhanced cross-functional business processes for existing SAP business applications in the extended Enterprise service delivery environment. The xSPM application aggregates data from SAP NetWeaver(tm), including SAP Knowledge Management tools, mySAP(tm) Business Intelligence (mySAP(tm) BI), and the SAP Exchange Infrastructure integration layer to extract and correlate service performance data from multiple IT systems such as CRM, ERP, SCM, Call-Center, HR, Financial, Monitoring, and Billing applications.

"In today's margin-driven economy, companies seek to focus on core competencies while reducing the cost of IT and Business processes" continued Lehmann. "The new xApp is designed to allow corporate decision-makers, as well as service delivery managers, to gain greater control of their complex service environments. They can monitor the adherence to specific Service Level Agreements (SLAs), analyze the impact of various aspects of service delivery on their bottom line, and collaborate with external and internal service providers to optimize business processes such as financial charge-backs, customer support, and outsourcing project progress."

Digital Fuel will collaborate with SAP in product development, joint marketing, and selling the new Service Performance Management xSPM product, with an initial focus on manufacturing, energy-utility, financial services, high-tech, and telecommunication industries.

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