Broadlight is a fabless semiconductor company supporting the Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) market
Coridan provides next generation messaging middleware for distributed applications.
   Foxcom Networks
Foxcom Networks manufactures high-speed fiber optic communications systems for broadband networks over existing coax infrastructure.
   GO Networks
Acquired by NextWave (NASDAQ: WAVE)
Lynx Photonic Networks is one of the leading photonic communications sub-systems companies with patented switching and light management technology.
Mempile has developed a removable optiocal storage disk with one terabyte (1,000 gigabytes) capacity, two magnitudes greater than other optical disks.
   MobileAccess Networks
MobileAccess Networks, founded in 1998 offers cost-effective, scalable solutions that deliver superior wireless coverage for all current and emerging data and voice applications.
   Native Networks
Acquired by Alcatel (NYSE: ALA)
Acquired by Omnisky (NASDAQ: OMNY)
Acquired by Emblaze-VCON (LSE: BLZ)
Raysat Mobile Antennas Inc. (RaySat) is a leading supplier of in-motion, low-profile, phased array satellite antennas.
   Softier Inc
Softier develops Embedded Linux OS and tools for Texas Instruments fastest Digital Signal Processors the TMS320C/DM64x families.
Xtellus is developing intelligent passive optical components using Liquid Crystal technology.

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